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Riskfuel Wins 2023 Risk Markets Technology Award

Toronto, January 30, 2023 — Riskfuel, a leading technology company specializing in machine learning solutions for accelerated pricing and valuation of derivatives, announced today that it has received the award for Best Use of Machine Learning/AI at the 2023 Risk Markets Technology Awards. The annual awards ceremony recognizes the most outstanding advancements in market risk, trading, and investment risk technologies.

Trading in over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives can be a challenging task due to the complexity of the computational models used to value and calculate the risk of portfolios. Traditional methods require significant computational resources and often result in a delay in receiving real-time risk metrics.

Riskfuel has revolutionized the industry by developing a deep neural network (DNN) that accurately approximates the quantitative models used by banks to price and calculate the risk of financial instruments. The DNN model is capable of providing real-time risk metrics, offering traders a significant advantage in their operations.

The DNN model has been trained using millions of data points generated by running the target models with various input combinations. This training process enables the model to accurately represent the numerical model, allowing traders to seamlessly integrate the accelerated models into their existing systems without the need for hardware or software upgrades.

Riskfuel has already demonstrated its capabilities by successfully accelerating the largest and most complex production models, including Scotiabank’s FX Barrier Option and Bank of Montreal’s Autocallable model. The company has continued to invest heavily in research and development and is at the forefront of innovation in the field of derivatives trading and risk management.

With its groundbreaking technology, Riskfuel is setting the standard for accelerated pricing and valuation of derivatives, providing traders with the real-time insights they need to make informed decisions.

About Riskfuel

Riskfuel is transforming market risk management for banks and insurance companies. Risk calculations that normally take hours or days can now be completed in seconds, giving Riskfuel clients full insight into their risk at all times. 

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