Transform Your Risk Processes

Outpace Your Competitors & Slash Your Compute

Real Time Risk Valuation

With Riskfuel, end-to-end valuation and risk sensitivities computation is one million times faster. Get real-time valuation and risk management and make the nightly batch a thing of the past.

Highly Accurate Valuation

With Riskfuel, the unwelcome trade-off between accuracy and performance  is no longer necessary. Get highly accurate, highly performant valuations and risk management a million times faster.

Slash Compute – Reduce Costs and Environmental Footprint

Corporate compute grids cost 10s to 100s of millions annually to operate. Riskfuel technology dramatically reduces the compute grid requirements leading to savings in costs and carbon.

BMO is using Riskfuel AI to accelerate Structured Note Pricing and Scenario Analysis

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Discover how one customer is using Riskfuel AI to accelerate their XVA Pricing and Risk Analytics

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October 27 & 28

Quant Insights Conference

Talk and Breakout Session


Riskfuel is sponsoring the 8th annual Quant Insights Conference.

Don’t miss Riskfuel CEO Ryan Ferguson’s talk “On Accuracy Guarantees for Machine Learning in Derivatives Pricing”, and a special breakout session where Ryan Ferguson and Scotiabank’s lead XVA quant Andrew Green, discuss lessons learned while deploying AI valuation models into Scotiabank’s XVA platform.


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Topic: Lessons learned from deploying AI valuation models into Scotiabank’s XVA platform.


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