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Real Time Risk Valuation

End-to-end valuation and risk sensitivities computation is one million times faster. Allows real-time valuation and risk management for the first time. Nightly batch becomes history.

Highly Accurate Valuation

Trade-off between accuracy and performance no-longer necessary. Highly accurate, highly performant valuations and risk management. More risk sensitivities can be calculated (bucket sensitivities, cross-gammas, etc).

Significant Cost Reduction

Performance gain can be directed towards cost reduction. Corporate compute grids cost 10s to 100s of millions annually to operate. Riskfuel technology can dramatically reduce the compute grid requirements.

Our Product Offering

Check out the performance of a Riskfuel FX Barrier model on the Microsoft Azure network. The results are impressive

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Discover how Riskfuel is using machine learning to revolutionize the world of derivatives trading

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Founded and managed by Capital Markets industry veterans, Riskfuel is one of the world’s most innovative fintechs. We have pioneered the use of Deep Learning to improve the computational performance of algorithms used by banks and insurance companies by many orders of magnitude. The work is varied, interesting and fast paced, with lots of opportunity to make impactful contributions. We are looking for talented individuals to work and learn alongside colleagues who are leaders in the field.

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