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Scotiabank Awarded Technology Innovation of the Year

Congratulations to Scotiabank  who has won the coveted ‘Technology Innovation of the Year Award” by for their new xVA Platform running Riskfuel software. Riskfuel is immensely proud to have contributed a core technology to this award-winning XVA engine.

With ultra-fast valuations, traders at Scotiabank can now test the impact of different market scenarios on its derivatives portfolios so that they can hedge the risk effectively. They can test ‘what-if’ scenarios with potential trades, and during a volatile market, they can prepare their strategy in advance for market swings in one direction or another. Additionally, the high performance Riskfuel models deliver accurate results with much lower cloud compute costs when compared with traditional numerical simulations.

Riskfuel is opening the door to a new era in risk management by moving risk workloads from overnight batch processing to real-time. With Riskfuel technology, what was once an intractable problem is now the beginning of new possibilities.