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Software Engineer

Permanent Position – Toronto

About the Company

Riskfuel is hiring a strong Software Engineer to join our research team.  Our research team specializes in developing Neural Networks to tackle the thorniest problems in Quant Finance. With recent developments such as Variational Autoencoders and cutting-edge synthetic data generation schemes, we are building a first-in-class robust set of products.

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About the Position

We’re looking for a strong developer who can work closely with our researchers to develop more robust (software) architectures around these experiments. It’s critical that you can both write the code itself, as well as consult with the wider team to explain the tradeoffs of various (software) architectures and design decisions.

A successful candidate will help the team to create cleaner more modular code, learn enough about Machine Learning to be an active participant in research discussions, and be actively involved in translating early research prototypes into scalable distributed systems.

You’ll learn:

  • How to convert theoretical Machine Learning concepts into practical, concrete solutions,
  • How Machine Learning fits into the world of quantitative finance,
  • How to work effectively with “Big Data” sized problems, handling both streaming (software) architectures and terabytes-sized datasets, and,
  • How to design synthetic datasets to target a specific problem via neural networks (rather than the conventional data-scraping of most Machine Learning processes).

Requirements include:

  • Proficiency in Python,
  • Experience working with medium-to-large codebases, and the concerns that come with them. (Testing, monitoring, etc),
  • Experience with systems using queues such as Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Pulsar, AWS SQS,
  • Experience designing systems using microservices,
  • Experience writing unit tests, and,
  • Interest in Machine Learning.

Nice To have:

  • Experience with distributed systems and microservice development,
  • Experience with Kubernetes or a major cloud platform,
  • Test Driven Development experience,
  • Experience designing data pipelines,
  • Understanding of Linear Algebra, and,
  • Experience doing performance profiling of Python applications.

How to Apply

To apply to this position, please provide a resume and any additional information that you feel demonstrates your experience. We look forward to meeting you!