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Front End / Full Stack Developer

Permanent Position – Toronto

About the Job

Riskfuel is hiring a Full Stack developer to join our Production Team. Our production team specializes in creating Neural Networks that can mirror the results of the slow Monte-Carlo or Finite-Differences based financial models used by our clients. By replacing the slow models in use by our clients, our clients gain access to real time information and huge infrastructure cost savings. 

This Full Stack Developer role is primarily around internal platforms development. You’ll be building React front ends and Python back ends and integrating with various internal APIs that drive our internal data generation and data engineering pipelines. This work is critical for smoothing out many currently-manual internal processes, and is key to reducing our time-to-model-delivery on a per project basis. This “last mile” work is essential for improving the Developer Experience of our internal users. 

You will work on various client demo projects. These often involve setting up a web app that allows users to configure complex pricing requests for a financial model, running that request through a Riskfuel Neural Net Pricer API and a Traditional Pricer API simultaneously, and displaying the results and metrics. This lets users explore both the accuracy, as well as the speed differential, across the input space in a more user-friendly manner. 

Finally, you’ll find yourself working on some Proof-of-concept work. This could be tooling to display Neural Network metrics in a web app in real time as it trains. It could center around visualizing and exploring Latent Spaces in financial models. It could be a Data Ingestion, Pricing, and Scenario Analysis engine, receiving mock data and pricing a portfolio of assets using Riskfuel neural networks. 

Overall, expect the work to be varied, frontend focused more than backend focused, and sometimes mathematical in nature.

Also expect to always be learning. You’ll learn:

  • How to work with Data Intensive Systems
  • How to use queue-based systems like Redis, Kafka, and Pulsar
  • Kubernetes Fundamentals around Deployment and various architecture patterns
  • How to work with Machine Learning models
  • The basics of building and training Machine Learning models

Requirements Include:

  • React Experience – 2-5 years
  • NodeJS Experience – 2-5 years
  • Cloud Experience – 1+ years
  • Experience with any testing framework
  • Some familiarity with Python
  • Familiarity with Containerization concepts

Nice to have:

  • Significant Python Experience
  • Experience with Three.js
  • Experience with Charting/Visualization packages, either in JavaScript or Python. (d3.js, plotly.js, matplotlib, etc.)
  • Experience with distributed systems and Microservices development
  • Experience with Kubernetes
  • Test Driven Development Experience
  • Experience building ETL pipelines
  • Performance Profiling experience, especially in Python


$90-110k plus share options