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DevOps Engineer

Internship – Toronto, Remote

About the Company

At Riskfuel, we have pioneered the use of Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) to speed up mathematical models used in quantitative finance.  

We generate massive amounts of synthetic training data using an existing (but slow) model then train neural networks on these vast collections of synthetic data. In order to produce models in a timely manner, we leverage thousands of cores of compute and dozens of GPUs spanning across both bare metal and cloud Kubernetes clusters. 

You will work with and support our machine learning engineers, developing and maintaining core internal services which power our business. The work is varied, interesting and fast paced, ranging from CI/CD pipelines, distributed storage systems, Kubernetes cluster administration, the occasional web development project, and more.  

You’ll be mentored by a fun, kind, and talented team and will be given enough responsibility to take a project and run with it.  In other words, you will learn a lot here!  

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Must haves: 

  • Proficient using Python and its popular libraries to manipulate data
  • Experience with containers and container orchestration tools
  • Comfortable with Linux/Unix
  • Experience with CI/CD tooling such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI, or Jenkins

 Nice to haves: 

  • Deep familiarity with Kubernetes and its inner workings 
  • C++ or Golang skills
  • An interest in web development (we use React + THREE.js)
  • Experience using automation tools like Puppet or Ansible

 For this work-term, you’ll be working from home. 

How to Apply

To apply to this position, please provide a resume, transcripts, and any additional information that you feel demonstrates your experience. We look forward to meeting you!