DevOps Engineer

Internship – May to Aug 2021

About the Company

Founded and managed by Capital Markets industry veterans, Riskfuel is one of the world’s most innovative fintechs. We have pioneered the use of Deep Learning to improve the computational performance of algorithms used by banks and insurance companies by many orders of magnitude. We use state of the art hardware such as NVIDIA DGX A100 and all the major Clouds. See more in this Azure blog and our website. 

About the Position

This position is a unique opportunity to learn and advance the cutting edge of technology in AI and financial engineering. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Develop and refine Riskfuel’s DevOps Pipeline for Machine Learning and AI
  • Proactively propose and implement improvements to the pipeline to maximize Riskfuel’s opportunities, while minimizing our technical debt
  • Abstract components of the pipeline so that they can be deployed easily to various cloud platforms, as well as to Riskfuel’s own on–premises datacenter
  • Support Riskfuel’s ML Engineers as they utilize the various stages of the pipeline


  • Experience with containers and container orchestration tools like Kubernetes.
  • Experience with various cloud platforms and tooling (Azure, AWS).
  • Proficient using Python and its popular libraries to manipulate data.
  • Experience with automation tools like Ansible
  • Exposure to ETL/Machine Learning pipeline development
  • Experience designing and deploying CI/CD pipelines
  • Excellent business/technical written and oral communication skills

How to Apply

To apply to this position, please provide a resume as well as any additional information that demonstrates your experience. We look forward to reading your application.